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How to exercise for weight loss

- New York, NY, United... Matt Damon spent four gruelling hours in the gym every day to get the ripped physique Elysium director Neill Blomkamp envisioned for his character. The Bourne Identity star plays an ex-convict infected by a cancer virus in the film, which is set on a ravaged Earth in the future where only the very rich have access to medical care. Moviemaker Blomkamp saw Damon's character Max DeCosta as a muscle-bound hunk, and hired a trainer to put the star through his paces before shooting started on the film. Damon tells Variety, "(Blomkamp) was so specific about what he wanted me to look like. He actually had a picture with my face tacked onto this guy with this body, and they literally hired me a trainer and I went to him with the picture. It was four hours a day in the gym - and I'm not 26 anymore, but I got in shape." It's not the first time 42-year-old Damon has transformed his body for a role - he piled on 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) to play whistleblower Mark Whitacre in 2009's The Informant!
Source: http://www.contactmusic.com/story/matt-damon-battled-through-four-hour-workouts-for-elysium-role_3792275

Here are 6 workouts that work, will help you lose weight and feel great. Rotate through these 5-6 days per week and become your best self in a hurry. These are the workouts that work in the least amount of time. Photo credit: Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Larysa DiDio Jillian Michaels Kickbox Fastfix is a serious cardiovascular kickboxing workout that only takes 20 minutes. She offers 3 routines on the DVD to choose from and all of them are workouts that work while fitting into any schedule.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/workouts-that-work-lose-weight-and-feel-great

Video: Tougher workouts at UGA?

Although there was no contact on the quarterback, the action at the line of scrimmage was live. Ponder was sacked twice, had one pass batted down at the line and threw another ball away because of pressure. He also had one drop by rookie free-agent fullback Zach Line, subbing for Jerome Felton, who missed part of practice because of a personal matter. Ponder also had a deep ball to Jerome Simpson come down about four yards out of bounds. Cassel to Burton a highlight Meanwhile, Ponders backup, Matt Cassel, completed eight of 11 passes during 11-on-11 competition. He also had one drop.
Source: http://www.startribune.com/sports/vikings/217498591.html

The next phase is the fight itself using the moves you have learnt. With a focus on speed, power and endurance a series of fight combinations are unleashed. This is a non-contact fitness program but even so it helps you pack in punches and kicks and builds flexibility and agility. Finally, you take to the floor and end the workout with strength training. Stretches in the end ensure that you relax those muscles that have worked hard.
Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life%20&%20style/health%20&%20fitness/fitness/How%20to%20exercise%20for%20weight%20loss/articleshow/17595916.cms

Weekend-only workouts bring set of risks

If you'd like to build strength and bulk, gradually move to higher weights with fewer reps. Get conditioned: Many of us are weekend warriors by necessity, not by choice - our routine simply does not permit a lot of time to train during the week. But if you can find the time for more even a little bit of simple aerobic conditioning, you'll see a huge change in both your weekend performance and your everyday energy level. Activities like light jogging, cycling and dance are easy, low-impact ways to mobilize muscles in a very natural way to improve cardiovascular health and limit damage to the cartilage and joints while having our body burn calories. What about supplements?: From omega-3s to glucosamine or antioxidants to vitamin D, the right nutrition and dietary supplements can make a big difference in your athletic performance and your general well-being. Always consult your doctor, who can direct you to the appropriate supplements. Remember, a healthy diet, including adequate fluid intake, are essential to all athletes, professionals and weekend warriors alike.
Source: http://www.sfgate.com/health/article/Weekend-only-workouts-bring-set-of-risks-4696474.php

Day at Camp: Ponder still wobbly in opening workouts in Mankato

But apparently that is not always the case. Georgia defensive lineman Garrison Smith revels how drastically the summer workouts have changed from his freshman year to his senior season. Smith also talks about who will be the next Adrian Peterson in the Bulldogs backfield. (Hint it is not who you expect.)
Source: http://espn.go.com/blog/colleges/georgia/post?id=19502

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