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Specialized, Competitive Workouts Among Top 2014 Fitness Trends - Yahoo News

I was able to hoist my own body weight up and feel success immediately, she added. Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist at Miramar College in San Diego, said CrossFit has rejuvenated back-to-basics moves. The performance style is starting to appeal to everyday people, she said. Its not just about getting active but about accomplishing a pull up or lifting a barbell overhead. Group fitness classes have begun to incorporate treadmills, indoor rowers and step climbers along with resistance and bodyweight exercises, Max Workouts review Matthews noted. In addition, fitness is folded into a holistic concept of wellness, with gyms increasingly providing nutritional advice and trainers becoming certified as health coaches.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/specialized-competitive-workouts-among-top-2014-fitness-trends-090419309.html

Fat Loss Workouts at Home Download | ZDNet

Find the best cardio workouts for fat burning here. If you want to burn fat fast try these short powerful cardio workouts now!This is free and lite version of application. Your child will be happy to sing with us. Our App consists of popular collection of fat loss workouts at home tutorial:Check out these amazing workout tutorials videos for both beginners and advanced levels. choose your style and learn how to apply fat loss exercises, workout and many more.Fat Torching CircuitFat IncinerationFat AssassinCrazy Lean Fat LossSimple 1 Minute CardioTop 3 Summer Body ExercisesMaximum Calorie BurnHardcore Fat AttackExtreme Metabolic AccelerationMonster Set CardioQuick Easy Fat LossInsane Outdoor Fat LossTop 10 Bodyweight Exercises20 Best Fat Burning Exercises5 Minute Home Fitness TestAthletic Body CardioHome From HELLSexy StretchUltimate Calorie Burn5 Minute Flat Stomachmore...# Enjoy a variety of video learning for women's and man with child friendly music and actions make them learn things very fast and that too in a very interesting way.
Source: http://downloads.zdnet.com/product/2129-76228070/

BOOMiO Introduces Music Sharing App With Major Label Support, New Promotional and Revenue Opportunities for Artists - Yahoo Finance

This dashboard provides artists with real-time analytics that they can use to track a song by shares, plays, or purchases, and also includes heat maps, geographic data, and more. AD MODELS To follow through on its promise of an artist-centric, free, social music experience, BOOMiO is constructed around a model that compensates artists when their work is shared. The experience is built around a value exchange in which users get something -- another play -- in return for engaging with the ad. Brands have several ways to integrate themselves into the platform, including on the homepage, when a user gets to the end of a BOOM List, or to start a crowdsourced BOOM List of their own. "BOOMiO adds a new layer in music consumption," said PJ Pedroni, co-founder and EVP of Sales at BOOMiO.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/boomio-introduces-music-sharing-app-011500627.html

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